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Nicole Harvick is the creator of the Ho’oponopono Rieki method of healing using relaxation and visualization  to assist health and well being   through the clients Reiki session. Her work centers around forgiveness and healing that honors that God Resides Inside™.

After over two decades as a loan officer and then insurance sales, Nicole listened to her spiritual calling and in a leap of faith, committed herself to energy work and healing. She developed her intuitive skills and created a healing practice supported by her proprietary Ho’oponopono line. Nicole discovered the Ho’oponopono method of forgiveness for healing after a trip to Hawaii on a journey that called her to make an offering to the island and “To Feed the Stray”.

Nicole is passionate about releasing energy blocks with using this method and teaching forgiveness in the Ho’oponopono way.

She declares that “This is the way to self love and to releasing baggage that prevents our progress.” Her daily meditation is a key component of higher vibration that allows her to receive spiritual quotes and insights from the universe.

In her practice, Nicole assists clients to heal and find vitality, passion, and joy in their lives. She works to remove blockages to success—clearing the physical body and even environments such as homes and offices in order to allow well being. 

To enrich her practice, Nicole is a Certified Sound Practitioner, a Level 3 Master of Energy Healing, and is Certified in the  QuantumPathic Energy Method. She is also a published author and is CFO of Don’t “Diss” Abilities, an AZ non profit and 501c3. Nicole lives with her two daughters in Arizona.

To support her Reiki modality of visualization, energy work, and forgiveness, Nicole offers a line of Ho’oponopono products consisting of bracelets, oils, candles and bath essentials.


In the fall of 2014, I visited the island of Hawaii. Before I left, my guides told me to feed the stray. I had no idea where to look or how to start. On the day I hiked the volcano Kilauea, I was told to give an offering to the island which I did. After a mile or so I heard a rustling in the foliage. It was a hungry and hobbled bird which ate right out of my daughter’s hand. It was the stray. From that encounter, I was given the gift of Ho’ponopono to use in my life. It is with love and magic that I now share the gift with you. Aloha, Nicole


Happy Clients

“This is not a bracelet . . it is pure LOVE . . .Please know that I’m not much on ‘woo-woo’ and am a pretty skeptical person in general. When I first started wearing the HO’OPONOPONO bracelet, I did notice subtle changes in my way of being . . . calmer breathing, more reflective reasoning and a lighter way of looking at the world. What really took it over the top is the way it works when I’m with my equine partner . . .a highly emotional, very sensitive and powerful mare. She breathes when I breathe on a more regular basis when I’m wearing my HO’OPONOPONO magic. So grounding, loving and secure feeling. Thank you!!”

– Heidi

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